Fall Inspiration

Posted on Sep 26, 2014 9:00:00 AM

With Fall in full swing, check out our pinterest page for some fall inspiration! We have layouts, projects and recipes you just have to try!

Follow Paper House's board Fall Into Autumn on Pinterest.

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By Tara Sturm

Create Art!

Posted on Sep 24, 2014 9:00:00 AM

Canvas Week

What's a more natural theme for Canvas Week than Art?! For the last day of Canvas Week, we have a bright, fun, beautiful layout from our design team member Susie. Let's take a look!

Create Art- Susie Bentz

How fun is this layout!? We love out Artist Collection and the new Canvas Art Stickers coordinate so well! We love the picture grouping, and the white border on them is great! Susie used our Create Scrapbook Paper, Art 3D Title, and Artist Canvas Art Stickers to create this super fun layout.

Create Art- Susie Bentz

The title from our Art Title 3D Sticker is a great accent. We love that the background in clear so it looks like you painted on the paint splats!

Create Art- Susie Bentz

Create Art- Susie Bentz

The sentiments from the Art Canvas Stickers just strike a chord in all artists. They are beautiful and true!

Create Art- Susie Bentz

We love this grouping of the Canvas stickers, and that's precisely why this layout is featured on Canvas Week! They just make this layout even more amazing!

If you have an artist at home and want to create this layout, here's how:

Products Used:

Paper House Create Paper
Paper House Art 3D Title Sticker
Paper House Art Canvas Stickers
Strip journaling stickers


1. Start with the Create paper for the background.

2. Center photos collage on the page.

3. Add 3D “Art!” sticker in the upper right, overlapping the photos.

4. Add Canvas Art stickers as shown.

5. Tuck tag behind photo for hidden journaling.

6. Add 3D “Stroke of Genius” sticker and pink paint splatter sticker above 3 small canvas stickers.

7. Add strip journaling.

If you love this layout, head on over to Susie's blog to see all of her great layouts and projects! AND, today is the last day to get 20% off all Canvas Art Stickers! Stock up now!

Paper House Create Scrapbook PaperPaper House Art 3D Title StickerPaper House Artist Canvas Art Sticker








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By Tara Sturm

Sing Your Song

Posted on Sep 22, 2014 12:44:42 PM

Canvas Week

As we wind down our Canvas Week, we have a deligtfully simple and beautiful layout for you from our design team member Kim. Kim created a page using a beautiful black and white photo of her grandmother when she was young. Let's take a look!

Sing Your Song- Kim Kendell

We LOVE the contrast of the red roses with the black and white photo! Kim used our Rose Garden Paper, Garden Paper Pad, and Sing Your Song Canvas Stickers to create this amazing layout.

The canvas stickers take a back seat in this layout to the bright roses, but they add so much with their great sentiments and beautiful images. They also give great dimension along with the fussy cut roses that she popped up! What a great way to highlight an amazing photo!

If you love this layout, stop by Kim's blog to see all of her great projects and layouts. Stop by Wednesday for our last day of Canvas Week! The great sale also ends Wednesday, so stock up now!

Paper House Rose Garden Scrapbook Paper

Paper House Garden Paper PadPaper House Sing Your Song Canvas Art Stickers








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By Tara Sturm

Let's Hit the Open Road

Posted on Sep 18, 2014 11:48:09 AM

Canvas Week

We're hitting the open road today with our design team member Giorgia! She created an amazing layout for one of her amazing road trips, featuring our Canvas Art Stickers.

Open Road- Giorgia Rossini

How fun is this?! We LOVE the left heavy layout and the blank space to the right - it makes it so interesting and modern! The grid-like layout is another great choice, along with the embellishments she chose! Giorgia used our United States West Map Paper, Impressions Paper Pad, American Road Paper Pad, Road Trip 3D Stickers, Road Trip Canvas Art Stickers, Hit the Road Chipoxy Stickers, Road Trip Cardstock Stickers, and Road Trip Chalkboard Stickers to make this fun layout.

If you went on some amazing road trips this summer and want to create this layout for yourself, here's how:

Products Used:

Paper House United States West Map Paper
Paper House Impressions Paper Pad
Paper House American Road Paper Pad
Paper House Road Trip 3D Stickers
Paper House Road Trip Canvas Art Stickers
Paper House Hit the Road Chipoxy Stickers
Paper House Road Trip Cardstock Stickers
Paper House Road Trip Chalkboard Stickers
Round corner punch
Small word stamps (such as “date” “smiles” “this moment”)
Distress ink
Glue or b sided tape
Foam b sided tape
White cardstock
Pen/gel pen
Chalk pen


1. Vertically tear paper form “Impression” paper pad (the cream one) and “United States Map-West” paper and glue them together as shown.

2. Cut six 5” squares from “American Road” paper pad.

3. With the round corner punch make round all the corners of the squares.

4. Distress them with brown Distress Ink.

5. Adhere little squares of paper as shown.

6. Adhere pictures where shown with foam tape.

7. Stamp some little words (in my layout “date” “smiles” “this moment”, but you can choose whatever you like) on white cardstock, cut the mas banner or label, distress them with Distress Ink and attach them where shown with foam tape. Write your date, if needed.

8. Now it’s time to embellish: place canvas, chalkboard, chipoxy, cardstock and 3D stickers as shown.

9. Write your journal on chalkboard sticker with chalk pen.

If you love this layout, stop by and leave some love on Giorgia's blog! Don't forget to stock up on Canvas Art Stickers while they're 20% off!

Paper House United States West Scrapbook Paper

 Paper House Impressions Paper PadPaper House American Road Paper PadPaper House Road Trip 3D StickersPaper House Road Trip Cardstock Stickers






Paper House Road Trip Chalkboard StickersPaper House Road Trip Canvas Art StickersPaper House Hit The Road Chipoxy Stickers









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By Tara Sturm

Canvas Dream Shadow Box

Posted on Sep 18, 2014 9:38:40 AM

Canvas Week

Today's canvas week project comes from our design team member Irit. I should say projects because Irit created two very different projects to showcase our Camvas Art Stickers.

Her first project is an out-of-the-box, well, box! She created an amazing shadow box!

Dream Box- Irit Shalom

How beautiful is this!? Can't you just see it hanging on a wall in your house right now? We love the colors and Irit did such a great job picking elements that coordinate perfectly. She used our Blossom Paper Pad, Butterflies Canvas Art Stickers, All Things Beautiful 3D Sticker and Butterfly Puffy Stickers to make this amazing project.

Dream Box- Irit Shalom

The pearl accents and the puffy stickers are THE perfect accent to this layout. And the fabric flowers are just beautiful.

Dream Box- Irit Shalom

This sentiment from the All Things Beautiful 3D Sticker says it all, this is a WONDERFUL project!

If you would like to create this project for your home, here's how;

Products Used:

Paper House Blossom Paper Pad
Paper House Butterflies Canvas Art Stickers
Paper House Butterfly Puffy Stickers
Paper House All Things Beautiful 3D Sticker
Box- 7 Gypsies
Bling, pearls, flowers: FWAB


1. Use one piece of 6 x 6'' Blossom paper as your background paper and glue it on the back of a wooden insert.

2. Add all canvas stickers inside the holes of the insert as shown. Glue the corner sentiment 3d sticker on the lower right corner as shown.

3. Make a cluster of bling and flowers and glue them on the left top corner. Add some butterfly stickers over the upper cluster and over some of the small canvas stickers. Embellish some of the canvas butterflies with pink pearls.

Paper House Blossom Paper Pad Paper House Butterflies Canvas Art StickersPaper House All Things Beautiful 3D StickersPaper House Puffy Butterflies







Irits second canvas project is a beautiful tag! Let's take a look.

Canvas Tag- Irit Shalom

Any art lover would LOVE this tag attached to a thoughtful gift or just as a gift! We love the vine and how she layered it with the canvas stickers. Irit used our Artist Paper Pad and Impressions Canvas Art Stickers to make this great tag.

If you would like to create this amazing tag, here's how:

Products Used:

Paper House Artist Paper Pad
Paper House Impressions Canvas Art Stickers
Ink: Clearsnap
Mesh ribbon- May arts
Bling, plastic leaves: FWAB


1. Make a tag from Artist paper; distress and ink the edges. Make a hole for the ribbon on the top.

2. Tie a piece of thin natural twine over the top third of the tag. Adhere 4 small canvas stickers making a square in the middle of your tag. Tie a piece of mesh under the stickers. Adhere rectangle sentiment sticker under the mesh.

3. Adhere a small piece of plastic leaves under the sentiment sticker and a big piece of leaves over the other 4 stickers. Add some pearls as shown and tie a bow on the top of your tag.

If you love these projects and want to see more of Irit's projects and layouts, stop by her blog! Don't forget, all of the Canvas Art Stickers are 20% off in the Store! Stock up now before the sale is over!

 Paper House Artist Paper PadPaper House Impressions Canvas Art Stickers









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By Tara Sturm

Adventure is Worthwhile

Posted on Sep 17, 2014 9:21:49 AM

Canvas Week

We here at Paper House can't really afford to be partial to any one sticker, but I have to tell you that the Nature Canvas Art Stickers are probably our favorite becasue of their sentiments! With sayings like "Adventure is Worthwhile", and "Let's find a beautiful place to get lost", how can you not LOVE them??

Today's Canvas Week project comes from our design team member Erin. She created this layout around a photo she took of her Dad while on a hike in Colorado. 

"The picture is of my father on our trip this past summer to Colorado on a hike we went on one day. He leaned up on a tree and started to smile as he was talking to some other hikers we met on the trial. This picture came as a quick snapshot without him knowing I was taking it. It is just so calm and peaceful, he loves his natures hikes."

Let's take a look!

Adventure is Worthwhile- Erin Reed

Isn't this just beautiful? We love all of the layers of paper and stickers. There are so many elements but they all work so well together. The top left title is just awesome, with its burlap and the Canvas stickers, LOVE!! Erin used our Generations Paper Pad,  Colorado Map Paper, Grandpa 3D Stickers, and Nature Canvas Art Stickers to create this dynamic, beautiful layout.

Adventure is Worthwhile- Erin Reed

We would never think to put the 3D Grandpa stickers with a nature layout, but boy do they look good together!

Adventure is Worthwhile- Erin Reed

Look at all of those layers of paper! The tones and patterns that she choose are just perfect, all working together and not becoming too busy.

Adventure is Worthwhile- Erin Reed

The real stars of this layout are the amazing picture AND the Canvas Art Stickers! They are the perfect element to bring this layout to life! And it doesn't hurt that they match perfectly with the colors and theme!

You can switch out the Grandpa stickers for any theme if you have some great nature shots at home. If you would like to create this layout for yourself, here's how:

Products Used:

Paper House Generations Paper Pad
Paper House Colorado Map Paper
Paper House Grandpa 3D Stickers
Paper House Nature Canvas Art Stickers
Coordinating Cardstock


1. Using the Colorado paper as a background, use sections of cardstock and papers from the Generation paper pad to create layers under the picture.

2. Add in black chipboard, burlap, twine, and various stickers from the Grandpa and Nature canvas sets.

If you love this layout, you just have to see all of Erin's layouts and projects on her blog. Don't forget to stop back tomorrow to see another great canvas project! 

Paper House Generations Paper PadPaper House Colorado Map Paper Paper House Grandpa 3D StickerPaper House Nature Canvas Art Stickers







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A LOVEly Canvas Banner

Posted on Sep 16, 2014 3:49:06 PM

Canvas Week

Day two of Canvas Week is LOVEly! Our design team member Christine created an adorable banner that she uses to decorate her craft space. She uses the Canvas Art Stickers in a most unusual way. Let's take a look!

Love Banner- Christine Meyer

How cute is this!? Christine used some clothes pins, rope, our Hipster Paper Pad, Blossom Paper Pad, Little Girl Paper Pad, and Daisies Canva Art Stickers to create the fun and easy project.

Love Banner- Christine Meyer

As if this project wasn't adorable enough, look at those kids! Beautiful!

Love Banner- Christine Meyer

Think about all the possibilities this banner has! You can switch out the photos as often as you want and change up the words for the seasons. We are planning our Paper House one right now!

Love Banner- Christine Meyer

The Canvas Art Stickers are just perfect for this! They offer some cushion for opening the clothes pins and bring a pop of color and content to the pins themselves. We have over 20 designs in the Canvas Art Stickers to coordinate with any theme!

If you love this project, head on over to Christine's blog. She has a lot more amaing layouts and projects you just have to see! Don't forget to stop by tomorrow for another great Canvas Art Sticker project, and don't forget to stock up while they are 20% off in the Store!

Paper House Hipster Paper PadPaper House Blossom Paper PadPaper House Little Girl Paper PadPaper House Daisies Canvas Art Stickers







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Cowboy Up!

Posted on Sep 15, 2014 10:36:00 AM

Paper House Canvas Week

Today kick off our full round of Canvas Week! Our design team has each made a project featuring our Canvas Art Stickers and all this week we are featuring them on the blog! We love these stickers and you are going to love all the things you can do with them! AND, as a special treat, all of our Canvas Art Stickers are 20% off in the shop! Stock up now!

Our Design Team member Bev starts the week with a layout your just hoof to see! Let's take a gander.

Cowboy Up Layout- Bev

We love Bev's arrangements and her choice of embellishments! The pictures are just amazing! The background Horse Lover Paper almost seems like another photo! Bev used our Horse Lover Paper, 100% Country 3D Stickers, and Country Canvas Art Stickers to create this beautiful layout.

Cowboy Up Layout- Bev

LOVE the banners and 3D stickers in the upper right corner!

Cowboy Up Layout- Bev

These photos could not be more perfect! the chipboard frame is also just perfect.

Cowboy Up Layout- Bev

Because it's Canvas Week, all of the projects need to feature Canvas Stickers. We think Bev did a great job making these a focal point of her layout. This small grouping goes so well with the theme and gives subtle dimension.

If you love this project, gallop on over to Bev's blog to see all of her amazing layouts and projects! Be sure to come back tomorrow for another great Canvas Project!

Paper House Country Canvas Art StickersPaper House Horse Lover PaperPaper House 100% Country 3D Stickers








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