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Posted on Dec 17, 2015 4:48:04 PM

Hello everyone, Christine joining you today. Have you jumped into the Planner Craze? I just recently got started in it! The more I played, decorated, and had fun with it, the more I realized how great some of my Paper House supplies would be. Specifically, I knew that the ColorWays collections would be fabulous! Today, I will show you how I used the Rouge, Emerald, and Sapphire ColorWays collections to jazz up three weeks of my planner.

Rouge PlannerOne of the things I like to do in my planner is add patterned paper rectangles to any parts of the day that I have free. I can write over them later if I need to, but I like the visual break from all the writing and the visual reminder that I have a break there to focus on myself and my family. For each week, I used the border sheet from the collection as a separator for my morning, afternoon, and evening rows. I love the polished look this adds.

rouge planner2

Since this week is heavy on Christmas activities, I added in some great cardstock stickers. They were a perfect match with the Rouge collection. Perhaps my favorite addition is the SnapShots™ stickers to the days! For this week, I used both music and basketball ones. These are absolutely perfect and are going to find a way into my weeks very regularly!

rouge planner3

I also added in some puffy stickers. This is a judgement call, as they do add bulk, but I liked how they looked, so I decided I wanted them in there!

On this week’s planner spread, I used the following supplies:

Rouge Trimmings ColorWays Cardstock

Rouge Umbrellas Cardstock

Rouge Trim Cards Cardstock

Christmas Stocking Puffy Sticker

Santa Hats Puffy Sticker

Merry Christmas Cardstock Stickers

Music SnapShots™ Sticker

Basketball SnapShots™ Sticker

For the next week, I used Emerald ColorWays—perfect for Christmas week!

emerald planner

I added in a few pops of red with more of the Merry Christmas cardstock stickers. I love how calm and empty this week looks—that’s just how it should be!

emerald planner 2

I used the same approach, filling in grids with patterned papers and using the borders. This time, though, I added in some accents from the Emerald ColorWays collection.

emerald planner4

When I don’t have a long checklist to add in the left hand column, I just have fun decorating it! Some Christmas patterned papers, combined with some Sculpted™ stickers, were perfect for this area!

emerald planner3

For this week, all my empty grids are filled with the same patterned paper. I haven’t done that before—I usually switch it up, but I like this look, too!

Supplies used for this week:

Emerald Accent Pack

Emerald Trimmings Scrapbook Paper

Emerald Leatherbound Scrapbook Paper

Merry Christmas Cardstock Stickers

Christmas Cheer Tags Scrapbook Paper

Red Flannel Scrapbook Paper

Merry & Bright Sculpted™ Sticker

For my last week, I was planning to use Gatsby, because Gatsby just screams New Year’s Eve, right? But it wasn’t flowing well with the colors that my planner already had. So I went with Sapphire and was so happy I did! It came out beautifully and has that fresh feeling of a new year! sapphire

This time, I returned to the varying patterned papers in my empty grids and brought back those SnapShots™!

sapphire planner2

The Sapphire accents played a pretty big role on this spread. The arrows were great for pointing towards New Year’s Eve and Day, and of course the word “hope” is just perfect for what you feel at that point in the year!

sapphire planner3

The Urban SnapShots™ Stickers were so perfect for this week! I have definitely got an even bigger love for my SnapShots™ now!

Supplies used for this week:

Sapphire Trimmings Scrapbook Paper

Sapphire Edgings Scrapbook Paper

Sapphire Mini Trim Cards Scrapbook Paper

Sapphire Accent Pack

Urban SnapShots™ Stickers

I hope you are looking at your Paper House supplies in a new light—there are so many great options for your planners! I can’t wait to dive into other areas to see what I can add!

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By Tara Sturm

Live by Faith

Posted on Dec 3, 2015 8:42:25 AM

Hello everyone, Christine here! Paper House isn’t new to making faith-based papers and stickers, and I have always loved using them. They are great for home decor, cards, layouts... you name it! Today, I am going to share a layout and card with you that I made with their newest Live by Faith Collection, which includes patterned papers, cardstock stickers, and Sculpted™ puffy stickers, too! First up is a layout I created with it.


I didn’t scrapbook about a specific event for this layout but focused on what I want for my children. I picked a couple of pictures of them as a group from a time when they had been having fun together. I used the Faith Sculpted™ Stickers that said faith, hope, and love to help communicate that. I also used some stickers from the Live by Faith Cardstock set.


The background paper is beautiful, but I wanted to add some texture to it. I decided to add some long lines of hand stitching to accomplish that. 


This collection makes beautiful cards! My starting point was with the lighthouse pocket page piece. 


The collection includes a 12" x 12" sheet of 3" x 4" pieces that are perfect for either pocket pages or cards. I built the card up from there, including several cardstock stickers and some additional patterned paper to break things up. I topped the whole thing off with some enamel dots and baker's twine.

Keep your eye out for this collection in your local big box stores—I’ve seen it in mine! You will love playing with it when you get your chance!

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By Tara Sturm

Merry and Bright

Posted on Nov 17, 2015 8:49:31 AM

Hello everyone, it's Christine! The diecut stickers from Paper House have been a favorite of mine since they were released. As I was creating for the upcoming holiday season, I kept going back to the Winter Wonderland Pack, and today I am going to show you how I created a layout with them!

merry1This layout was based on a sketch from Create Magazine, which featured the Paper House team earlier in the year! The snowflakes from the diecut pack provide the perfect background!


The snowflake diecuts are textured with glitter and add just the right amount of sparkle to a layout. There are multiple options for snowflake designs, and you could even cut them down to make smaller ones and add more options!


I love this background paper with the trees and plaid! It’s called Deck the Halls and has an awesome second side, too!


My favorite thing about this layout is the way that so many different items from Paper House come together beautifully to make a creation—I didn't have to work from just one collection, but could combine several items! The ones I haven’t already mentioned can be found in the supply list below—I know you will want to check them out for your own Christmas creations!

Product Used:

Paper House Red Flannel Double Sided Paper
Paper House ColorWays Rouge Trimmings
Paper House Winter Wonderland 3D Stickers
Paper House Merry & Bright Sculpted™ Stickers

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By Tara Sturm

Reason for the Season

Posted on Nov 3, 2015 8:53:05 AM

Christine joining you today with a video tutorial for creating a great card. Adding extra dimension to a card can be done with some neat folding techniques that aren't too complicated. Today I am going to show you one using the ColorWays Rouge Collection!


To make this card, you will want to gather the following supplies: a 1½" circle punch (or use an electronic cutting machine to cut several), an A2 size card base (4¼" x 5½") folded vertically, one sheet of the Rouge Sculpted Entry paper from the ColorWays Rouge Collection, the Reason for the Season 3D Stickers, and some ribbon. Here’s a brief video on how I folded the circles on the card.

As you can see, it isn’t very complicated. I think one of the trickiest parts is picking out a good paper to do it with! This one worked really well! As you choose papers, you have to watch out for stripes and things that may look like they need to line up.


With the second side of my paper choice being tone-on-tone, it worked really well for the inside squares that show up! 


For the last part of the card, I added a sentiment that is in the shape of a half circle. I like the way it plays off the other semicircles in the card. Just about any 3D sentiment can work really well for this project! It also helps cover up any rough edges. Top the whole thing off with a pretty bow, and you have a striking and elegant card! 

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By Amanda Schmadel

Dream Big

Posted on Oct 20, 2015 9:11:54 AM

Sketches are always a fun way to speed up your scrapbooking process and get those creative juices flowing! Christine joining you today with a PageMaps 8½ x 11" sketch! I decided to dive into the ColorWays Orchid Collection for my layout.

Dream Big 1

I used a combination of patterned papers, the Accent Pack, and puffy stickers throughout the layout.

Dream Big 2

For the top of my layout, I decided to fussy cut part of the Orchid Tapestry Paper so that I could add some dimension to the flowers. After cutting it down to size, I put foam adhesive pieces beneath select petals so that they would pop up. A couple pieces from the Accent Pack helped add in some silver up top.

Dream Big 3

The frames from the Accent Pack were perfect for the small pictures the layout called for! The Accent Pack also had the right pieces to make a pretty title. The Peace Puffy Stickers added some extra dimension and silver alongside and below the pictures.

Have you gotten your hands on the Orchid ColorWays yet? You are gonna love playing with it!

Christine Meyer

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By Tara Sturm

US Army Layout

Posted on Oct 5, 2015 10:37:31 AM

Hello everyone, Christine here! Did you know that Paper House offers a variety of US Military papers and stickers? These are perfect for putting together layouts about your loved ones that are either currently serving or have served in the past. We recently had a young man from our area enlist in the army, and I asked his mom to share some of her pictures with me so I could create a layout for her! Army Layout- Christine Meyer

There are so many fun pieces in this set that I had a hard time narrowing down what to use! I decided to go with the US Army Emblem 3D Sticker and papers and 3D Stickers from the US Army Paper Crafting Kit. To make the paper more one-of-a-kind, I added eyelets to the borders of the patterned paper.

Army Layout- Christine Meyer

3D Stickers are one of my go-to embellishments—I love the personality and dimension they can bring to a flat layout! I especially love the chain on the one sticker in this set!

Army Layout- Christine Meyer

She had included a picture of the Army flag for me, so I opted to fussy cut that out and lay it over a picture. Surrounded with punched stars and the title, it makes a nice added embellishment.

With Veterans Day coming up, now is the perfect time to snag some US Military supplies and make something special for your favorite soldier or their family!

Have a great day!

Paper House - Christine Meyer

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By Tara Sturm

Theme Week: Family Vacation

Posted on Sep 27, 2015 9:00:00 AM

Hello everyone, Christine here! Creating a grid layout is an easy way to include a lot of pictures in a layout. Adding some simple embellishments can help you take it to the next level. Here's a layout I created using pieces from the Family Vacation collection!

Family Vacation Layout-Christine Meyer

The SnapShots™ stickers are perfect for a grid layout, and the Nature ones were just what I needed to add something extra! As a base for my grid, I used the Sapphire Delft ColorWays Paper.

Family Vacation Layout-Christine Meyer

Simply adding some punched stars to the pieces, along with some cardstock stickers, helps create a personal touch. I like to try to overlap these from one square to the next to help tie the whole thing together.

Family Vacation Layout-Christine Meyer

Sometimes you have a lot to say with your journaling and might want to use a whole box; other times, you can simply add it around a pattern or sticker as I did here!

Family Vacation Layout-Christine Meyer

As you work on a grid project, keep in mind that they don’t all have to be the same size; as long as you keep some similar margins, it will all come together. I kept mine all the same except for the center title!

Thanks for stopping by!

Paper House - Christine Meyer

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By Tara Sturm

Off the Page: Back to School Chalkboard

Posted on Aug 19, 2015 8:48:56 AM

Hi everyone, Christine here! The kids are heading back to school, and I have an easy craft to share with you today that is perfect for that first day of school! It’s a back to school chalkboard featuring Paper House puffy owl stickers! Back to School Chalkboard- Christine Meyer

I have enjoyed seeing all the cute pictures and signs that kids are holding on their first/last day of school over the last couple years, but despite my own craft skills, I have never made one of my own! So this year I dug into my Paper House stickers and created a one-of-a-kind version for my daughter. Back to School Chalkboard- Christine Meyer

I picked up a chalkboard at a big box store for less than $3, and you can probably do even better on price than that—I’m just limited where I live! I added in a little chalkboard art (not my strength, not even close).

Back to School Chalkboard- Christine Meyer

I then got out my stickers: the Owls Puffy Stickers, the Picture Perfect Cork’d™ Stickers, and a stack of books from the Graduation Day 3D Stickers. I didn’t want to go for the traditional apple look for the first day, and I thought the owls would be a perfect fit! 

Back to School Chalkboard- Christine Meyer

I used more stickers on the opposite corner using the same sets of stickers and playing up the owl theme more! 

I hope summer is ending well for all the Paper House fans out there! 

Paper House - Christine Meyer

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