Sneak Peek - Canvas Magnet Sets!

Posted on Jul 22, 2015 1:00:00 PM

Paper House Canvas Magnet Sets

Everyone likes to decorate their space with beautiful things. Don't leave your fridge, locker, or other magnetic spaces out! Dress them up with our beautiful Canvas Art Magnets! They are now available in perfectly giftable sets! There's a set for art lovers, coffee and chocolate lovers, and wine lovers, too! Want to see them all? No problem—let's take a peek! Paper House Canvas Magnet Sets

Spread the love and stock up! You never know when you'll need that perfect gift!

Join us next week for our last week of sneak peeks! We are going to finish strong with the debut of our newest ColorWays colors. You don't want to miss that! Thanks for stopping by.

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Inspirational Canvas Set

Posted on Dec 11, 2014 9:59:49 AM

We know from experience here at Paper House that crafty people LOVE to show their craftiness by making special gifts for the people in their lives. Design team member Susie has a great project today that would make an amazing holiday gift! Get your wrapping paper ready!

Inspirational Canvas Set- Susie Bentz

These beautiful canvas work alone or as an amazing set. Who wouldn't love to get these as a gift!?

Inspirational Canvas Set- Susie Bentz

We love the distressing in this one! It makes it feel worn and loved.

Inspirational Canvas Set- Susie Bentz

Inspirational Canvas Set- Susie Bentz

Inspirational Canvas Set- Susie Bentz

Susie did an amazing job pairing our papers with the sentiments. They really do make us smile!

If you would like to check off someone from your Christmas list, here's how to make them:

Products Used:

Paper House Scenic America 8'' Paper Pad
Paper House Backyard Friends Cardstick Stickers
8'' x 8'' canvases
Mod Podge
Tissue Paper


1. Adhere the paper to the canvas by brushing Mod Podge on the back of the paper and the top of the canvas.

2. Stamp sentiment/quote onto tissue paper and adhere to canvas with Mod Podge.

3. Ink edges

4. Embellish if desired.

To see more of Susie's great projects, head on over to her blog!

Paper House Scenic America Paper PadPaper House Backyard Friends Cardstock Stickers








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Heritage Blues

Posted on Oct 7, 2014 11:25:25 AM

One of, if not THE most popular scrapbooking themes ever, has to be family. We want to remember all of the great moments but sometimes we also want to document the past. Our design team member Irit created a layout to remember her father with her children. It's all about generations and heritage. Let's take a look!

Heritage- Irit Shalom

How beautiful is this layout!? We love the blues and greens with the black and white photo! Irit also made an amazing choice in using our chalboard stickers. The black coordinates so well with the photo and adds just the right amount of contrast. Irit used our Generations Paper Pad, Family Chalkboard Stickers, Butterfly 3D Stickers, Daisies 3D Stickers, and Butterflies Puffy Stickers to create this amazing layout.

Heritage- Irit Shalom

The Butterfly Puffy Stickers are a great addition to this layout. The colors are perfect, and Irit did an amazing job placing them in the most unexpected places!

Heritage- Irit Shalom

LOVE the use of the frames from the Generations Paper Pad. All of the sizes and colors make it easy to use for a variety of themes.

Heritage- Irit Shalom

Irit's layering of her title is just beautiful! The chalkboard with the dasies and chipboard looks awesome!

If you have some family heritage to document, here's how to make this beautiful layout:

Products Used:

Paper House Generations Paper Pad
Paper Hosue Family Chalkboard Stickers
Paper House Butterfly 3D Stickers
Paper House Daisies 3D Stickers
Paper House Butterflies Puffy Stickers
Chipboards: A2Z Scraplets
Pen: white uniball
Embossing powders: WOW! Embossing Powders


1. Cut 4 frames from Generations paper pad. Cut one frame into two parts and arrange the smaller frames as shown. Add the black and white family photo inside the large blue frame and glue it as shown.

2. Cut the huge books from the same paper pad and glue them over the large frame. Cut the word Generation and add it over the books on the top. Cut Heritage label and add it over the photo.

3. Write all journaling with white pen over chalkboard stickers and glue the stickers over the frame. One sticker should be cut into two pieces to fit the cut frame. Adhere 3d Daisy stickers over the Family chalkboard sticker as shown.

4. Heat emboss the Heritage chipboard with white embossing powder and adhere it over the front chalkboard label. Add small camera sticker on the top of this label. Adhere some puffy and 3d butterflies' stickers over the frames.

If you love this layout, head on over to Irit's blog to see all of here great layouts and projects!

Paper House Generations Paper PadPaper House Family Chalkboard StickersPaper House Butterflies 3D StickersPaper House Daisies 3D StickersPaper House Butterflies Puffy Stickers

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Sing Your Song

Posted on Sep 22, 2014 12:44:42 PM

Canvas Week

As we wind down our Canvas Week, we have a deligtfully simple and beautiful layout for you from our design team member Kim. Kim created a page using a beautiful black and white photo of her grandmother when she was young. Let's take a look!

Sing Your Song- Kim Kendell

We LOVE the contrast of the red roses with the black and white photo! Kim used our Rose Garden Paper, Garden Paper Pad, and Sing Your Song Canvas Stickers to create this amazing layout.

The canvas stickers take a back seat in this layout to the bright roses, but they add so much with their great sentiments and beautiful images. They also give great dimension along with the fussy cut roses that she popped up! What a great way to highlight an amazing photo!

If you love this layout, stop by Kim's blog to see all of her great projects and layouts. Stop by Wednesday for our last day of Canvas Week! The great sale also ends Wednesday, so stock up now!

Paper House Rose Garden Scrapbook Paper

Paper House Garden Paper PadPaper House Sing Your Song Canvas Art Stickers








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Canvas Dream Shadow Box

Posted on Sep 18, 2014 9:38:40 AM

Canvas Week

Today's canvas week project comes from our design team member Irit. I should say projects because Irit created two very different projects to showcase our Camvas Art Stickers.

Her first project is an out-of-the-box, well, box! She created an amazing shadow box!

Dream Box- Irit Shalom

How beautiful is this!? Can't you just see it hanging on a wall in your house right now? We love the colors and Irit did such a great job picking elements that coordinate perfectly. She used our Blossom Paper Pad, Butterflies Canvas Art Stickers, All Things Beautiful 3D Sticker and Butterfly Puffy Stickers to make this amazing project.

Dream Box- Irit Shalom

The pearl accents and the puffy stickers are THE perfect accent to this layout. And the fabric flowers are just beautiful.

Dream Box- Irit Shalom

This sentiment from the All Things Beautiful 3D Sticker says it all, this is a WONDERFUL project!

If you would like to create this project for your home, here's how;

Products Used:

Paper House Blossom Paper Pad
Paper House Butterflies Canvas Art Stickers
Paper House Butterfly Puffy Stickers
Paper House All Things Beautiful 3D Sticker
Box- 7 Gypsies
Bling, pearls, flowers: FWAB


1. Use one piece of 6 x 6'' Blossom paper as your background paper and glue it on the back of a wooden insert.

2. Add all canvas stickers inside the holes of the insert as shown. Glue the corner sentiment 3d sticker on the lower right corner as shown.

3. Make a cluster of bling and flowers and glue them on the left top corner. Add some butterfly stickers over the upper cluster and over some of the small canvas stickers. Embellish some of the canvas butterflies with pink pearls.

Paper House Blossom Paper Pad Paper House Butterflies Canvas Art StickersPaper House All Things Beautiful 3D StickersPaper House Puffy Butterflies







Irits second canvas project is a beautiful tag! Let's take a look.

Canvas Tag- Irit Shalom

Any art lover would LOVE this tag attached to a thoughtful gift or just as a gift! We love the vine and how she layered it with the canvas stickers. Irit used our Artist Paper Pad and Impressions Canvas Art Stickers to make this great tag.

If you would like to create this amazing tag, here's how:

Products Used:

Paper House Artist Paper Pad
Paper House Impressions Canvas Art Stickers
Ink: Clearsnap
Mesh ribbon- May arts
Bling, plastic leaves: FWAB


1. Make a tag from Artist paper; distress and ink the edges. Make a hole for the ribbon on the top.

2. Tie a piece of thin natural twine over the top third of the tag. Adhere 4 small canvas stickers making a square in the middle of your tag. Tie a piece of mesh under the stickers. Adhere rectangle sentiment sticker under the mesh.

3. Adhere a small piece of plastic leaves under the sentiment sticker and a big piece of leaves over the other 4 stickers. Add some pearls as shown and tie a bow on the top of your tag.

If you love these projects and want to see more of Irit's projects and layouts, stop by her blog! Don't forget, all of the Canvas Art Stickers are 20% off in the Store! Stock up now before the sale is over!

 Paper House Artist Paper PadPaper House Impressions Canvas Art Stickers









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A LOVEly Canvas Banner

Posted on Sep 16, 2014 3:49:06 PM

Canvas Week

Day two of Canvas Week is LOVEly! Our design team member Christine created an adorable banner that she uses to decorate her craft space. She uses the Canvas Art Stickers in a most unusual way. Let's take a look!

Love Banner- Christine Meyer

How cute is this!? Christine used some clothes pins, rope, our Hipster Paper Pad, Blossom Paper Pad, Little Girl Paper Pad, and Daisies Canva Art Stickers to create the fun and easy project.

Love Banner- Christine Meyer

As if this project wasn't adorable enough, look at those kids! Beautiful!

Love Banner- Christine Meyer

Think about all the possibilities this banner has! You can switch out the photos as often as you want and change up the words for the seasons. We are planning our Paper House one right now!

Love Banner- Christine Meyer

The Canvas Art Stickers are just perfect for this! They offer some cushion for opening the clothes pins and bring a pop of color and content to the pins themselves. We have over 20 designs in the Canvas Art Stickers to coordinate with any theme!

If you love this project, head on over to Christine's blog. She has a lot more amaing layouts and projects you just have to see! Don't forget to stop by tomorrow for another great Canvas Art Sticker project, and don't forget to stock up while they are 20% off in the Store!

Paper House Hipster Paper PadPaper House Blossom Paper PadPaper House Little Girl Paper PadPaper House Daisies Canvas Art Stickers







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You Make Me Smile

Posted on Sep 2, 2014 11:34:10 AM

Not every card we get or make has to be for a special occasion. Sometimes, as in the case of our design team member Bev, you just want to tell someone they make you smile! Those are the best cards! And when they are made with Paper House products, they are even better! Let's take a look.

Beautiful Day- Bev Code

Bev used our Artist Paper Pad and Garden Canvas Art Stickers to create this beautiful card! We love how she tiled the background and that canvas sticker makes a huge impact!

If you have someone that makes you smile, make them this card! Here's how;

Products Used: 
Paper House Artist Paper Pad
Sentiments and accent: SRM Stickers
Pen: Staedtler black

1. Using the template below mark off the 2" square and then starting at point A through D follow the rows of stripped paper and work your way around. Bev turned the template slightly to accomodate the fabulous square canvas accent to fit the centre.

2. Use Paper House artist paper pix cut into stripes. Repeat 3 different prints on all sides. The fabulous fun canvas sticker was a perfect centre accent.
3. Add a few SRM sticker stitches and 2 sentiments.
4. The whole square is then matted and ready to mount on your card base.
Happy Day Template- Bev Code
If Bev's card made you smile, head on over to her blog and let her know!

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Taking the Road Less Traveled

Posted on Jun 19, 2014 9:00:00 AM

When it come to scrapbooking, taking the road less traveled is often just a matter of thinking out of the box! That's exactly what our design team member Susie did with this amazing canvas. Who wouldn't want this hanging in their home!? Let's take a hike... I mean, look :-)

Adventure Canvas- Susie Bentz

Isn't it amazing? Susie created this project using our Country Girl Paper Pad, Road Trip Canvas Art Stickers, Boy Scouts of America- Camping Adventure Cardstock Stickers, Nature Canvas Art Stickers, and World Travel Cardstock Stickers.

Adventure Canvas- Susie Bentz

While this bluebird is not a Paper House product, we LOVE it! It works perfectly and it's sooooo cute!

Adventure Canvas- Susie Bentz

Adventure Canvas- Susie Bentz

The addition of the modeling creme is also a great touch. We've talked about scrapbooking as an art form before, and this project fits that catagory perfectly.

Adventure Canvas- Susie Bentz

Don't you just love this arrangment of elements in the corner! They all work so well together, giving demension, color and great eye candy!

Adventure Canvas- Susie Bentz

...just in case you were wondering where you were ;-). If you love this project and want to have an adventure making it, here's how:


Paper House Country Girl Paper Pad
Paper House Road Trip Canvas Art Stickers
Paper House Boy Scouts of America- Camping Adventure Cardstock Stickers
Paper House Nature Canvas Art Stickers
Paper House World Travel Cardstock Stickers
Spellbinders Shoot! Die
TCW Mini US Map Stencil
Word stickers
Wood Veneers
Decou-Page, 6” x 6” canvas
Tags, washi tape, metal tag, cardstock


1. Using a foam brush, apply Decou-Page to 6” x 6” canvas and the back of the paper. Apply another coat on top of the paper to seal it.

2. Distress edges with sanding block and ink.

3. Stencil with Viva Modeling Crème through the stencil.

4. Add Paper House Cardstock & Canvas Art stickers.

5. Add additional items from stash: wood veneer bike, word sticker, washi tape, die cut arrow, resin bird.

6. Add washi tape around the side edges of the canvas.

Now that we've awakened your adventurous side, why not head on over to Susie's blog and see the rest of her great projects!?

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