Terms & Conditions

How to Order

To submit your Paper House orders, choose the method that works best for you!

Phone: (800) 255-7316               Fax: (800) 679-8976 or (845) 246-7508

Contact your local sales rep        Mail: PO Box 259, Saugerties NY 12477

Online: www.PaperHouseProductions.com

E-mail: info@PaperHouseProductions.com or directly to your Paper House Account Manager


Orders are shipped via UPS Ground from Saugerties, NY

Retailers may provide their own freight account

Minimum Orders and Payment

Minimum Order Requirements

Minimum opening order is $200.00

Minimum reorder is $100.00

A New York State ST-120 resale form is required for all wholesale accounts.


New account orders ship prepaid: VISA, MC, AMEX or COD certified check/money order

$400 order FFA Net 30
$600 order FFA Net 60

NOTE: Net30 & Net60 terms will not be approved without a NY State ST-120 resale form on file

Our invoicing is now paperless. Please provide current e-mail address on orders.

We will not ship reorders for accounts 30 days or more in arrears

Specials and Promotions

Orders must meet all terms of the promo and contain the promo code to receive special offers

Buying group members can enjoy the offers in addition to their member discounts unless otherwise specified.

Total discounts are not to exceed 25% value (including 8% allotted for freight offers)

New product with a future availability date is not subject to free freight offers 

Returns and Exchanges

Please call customer service at (800) 255-7316 to exchange slow-moving or unsold seasonal product.